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Ski Jammers Ski Club of Houston, Texas, Inc.

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Membership Form
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Ski Jammers Ski Club of Houston, Texas Inc.

Membership Application



NAME(S): ___________________________________________________________________________


CHILDREN NAME(S) & AGES: _________________________________________________________


BIRTHDAY(S) Initials (MM/DD): ________________________________________________________




CITY STATE Zip Code: __________________________________________________________________


EMAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________

                                (Only Ski Jammer related info, meeting reminders, etc. will be sent to this email address)


HOME PHONE: (_______) _____________________   BUS. PHONE: (_______) ____________________


RENEWAL: _______    NEW MEMBER: _______      REFERRED BY: _____________________________

SKIING Ability:      Never Ever ____ Beginner ____ Intermediate ____ Advance+ ____

Committee Interests: Membership ____ Trip ___ Fundraising ___ Public Relations ___ Youth ____

__ No, I do not want to be listed in Club Directory
__ Yes, I do want to be listed in Club Directory, but
__ Exclude Home number __ Exclude Address __ Exclude Business number


Ski Jammers Ski Club of Houston, Texas, Inc. (CLUB), is a non-profit organization, which promotes recreational skiing trips and activities. The under signed releases the CLUB from any and all liability, loss, damages or injury to persons or property which may arise out of or be connected in any way with such services. I understand that the CLUB acts only as an agent and accepts no responsibility in connection with the services or accommodations being offered on all ski trips and/or activities. The CLUB accepts no responsibility in whole or in part for any delays, delayed departure, or arrival, missed planes or other carrier connection, or mechanical defect or failure of any nature, howsoever, caused or for any substitution of hotels or of common carrier, with or without notice of for any additional expenses occasioned thereby. I agree to indemnity and hold harmless the CLUB, its officers, directors and agents or contractors from any loss, cost or expense incurred by or attributable in any way to me in connection with any ski trip, other activity or sponsored event, in full or in part, by the CLUB. I agree to abide by the Bylaws, rules and regulations of the CLUB and rulings of the Trip Coordinator in connection with all Trips. I have read and understand the above.


SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________

MEMBERSHIP DUES is $50/Adult, Children 18 & under is Free:
Subscription Only: $12 per Season
Amount Enclosed: $__________ Make Check Payable to: SKI JAMMERS


P.O. BOX 1362 Houston, TX 77251